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Culture and Development

EU-Project on arts and culture in development cooperation,

CulturCooperation will be carrying out the EU project Culture and Development from 2005 to 2008. The aim of the programme is to create and to raise consciousness of the importance of cultural factors and cultural projects as an integral element of cooperative work in development projects.

Veranstaltung - eventIn the field of development cooperation in Germany and many other European countries, there has been no programmatic base for the direct promotion of development projects with cultural dimensions up to now. In fact, cultural aspects have been systematically neglected: Development concepts are primarily concerned with economic aspects and tend to separate them entirely from the cultural context. The failure of many of these projects shows that a purely economic approach cannot be sufficient - and that cultural factors and social aspects must be taken into account far more. The majority of the actors in development politics ignore these factors in their work, culture being usually regarded either as a hindrance or as a "luxury factor" in development work.

Greater interest in cultural projects in the countries of the South will not be achieved until the relevant decision-makers are convinced of the importance of cultural factors for sustainable development. The programme Culture and Development puts these ideas into practice: The cultural events, symposia and publications of the three-year programme on the topic of the potential of culture for development will be showing the possibilities and perspectives.

The aims of the programme

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