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Hamburg post colonial

A programme about the history and the current state of relations between Germany and Namibia, 2004

The year 2004 was the centenary of the beginning of the colonial war of 1904-1908 waged by the German Empire against the Hereros and Namas in German Southwest Africa, the present day Namibia. The war of the imperial “protection troops” led by General von Trotha had specific orders to annihilate the Hereros. Whereas the colonial period and the genocide are today still a national trauma for Namibia, this first case of genocide carried out by Germans has for the most part disappeared from the collective awareness of the Germans.

Reminding – Making Visible – Intervening was the slogan of a wide-ranging programme on the German colonial history in Africa during 2004, carried out by NGOs involved in culture, education and development politics as well as artists.

Monument-Project ""

Temporary memorial site in the Hafencity and website as a forum for public discussions and creativity by the artist Jokinen.


Denkmalprojekt :

Series of events in Hamburg :