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CHAT - youth dance project

CHAT is the abbreviation of Cartagena – Hamburg – Angers – Tanz (dance). These are the names of the cities from which the young dancers who participated in a four- week workshop in Hamburg in October 2002 originated from.

chat The project revolved around the examination of their different cultural identities. Although the experiences and biographies of the adolescents were very different, they were united by a shared love of the dance; the universal language of the body.

The dancers and choreographers Alvaro Restrepo from the Colegio del Cuerpo in Cartagena and Marie-France Delieuvin from the Center de Danse Contemporain in Angers were in charge of the 18 Columbians, 14 French and 12 Hamburg dancers who took part in the mutual dance performance. For the production, Alvaro Restrepo chose a passage from the novel “The Famished Road “ by the Nigerian author Ben Okri to work with. The performance was presented from October 31 to November 3 2002 in the Hamburg Kampnagel Fabrik.

chat-dancerParallel to the daily dance performance rehearsals, the young dancers participated in an extensive exchange and encounter program organized by CulturCooperation. A central part of this program featured encounters, workshops and discussions with young Hamburg adolescents. In order to ensure that a large number of youths could take part in this intercultural exchange, the program was carried out with the support and collaboration of schools and youth centres in Hamburg.