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Tracing the Rainbow

Discussions on Literature from South Africa, 2005

Ten years of democracy in South Africa: In their work, authors from the Cape reflected on change and continuity in literature and society, discussed memories with German colleagues and compared the role of literature in South Africa and Germany today.

Gillian Slovo meets Judith Kuckart

Gillian Slovo, daughter of the white civil rights activist, Joe Slovo and Ruth First in Johannesburg, reads from her novel 'Red Dust', a story about the fate of some individuals at the time of the Truth Commission after the end of apartheid in South Africa. Afterwards she discusses with Judith Kuckart the role of the author in a world where society is changing and the opportunities in a difficult new beginning.

Xoli Norman meets Jens Sparschuh

In their respective countries they are known as masters of the spoken and written words. Both are multitalents. The one is an author of poems, essays, novels and audio plays and known far beyond the borders of Germany. The other has gained an international reputation as a dramatist and composer of musicals. An interesting meeting of two different worlds with many similarities.

Napo Masheane meets Jana Simon

Napo Masheane combines the African narrative tradition with the rhythms of the modern city of Johannesburg – with this she creates exciting literature about a rapidly changing society. The author Jana Simon from Berlin, who spent some time doing research in South Africa, discusses the future of South African literature with Napo Masheane.

André Brink

In his latest novel, The other side of silence, André Brink chose a dark chapter of history as his subject: the German colonial history in what is now Namibia is illustrated by the story of a young woman.

Antjie Krog meets Joachim Helfer

Antjie Krog was the head of the SABC radio team during the hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Following on this reporting, she wrote "Country of my Skull" – a mixture of fiction and facts. After presenting her book, she will join Joachim Helfer in a literary discussion on how authors see themselves in times of change.

Kgafela oa Magogodi meets Feridun Zaimoglu

The 35-year-old writer of poems and slam revives the South African tradition of the “spoken word”. With authentic and sometimes shocking descriptive language he challenges and provokes. In that he is rather similar to his German counterpart, Feridun Zaimoglu.

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