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CulturCooperation e.V.

International cultural exchange needs a lobby. Cultur Cooperation e.V. carries out projects concerning cultural exchange on an international level and organises events related to the politics of culture in Germany and abroad. The work of the Hamburg-based charitable association founded in 1986 is oriented to current political debates on culture and development.

The main aim of the numerous and varied events, publications and programmes is to promote the exchange between artists and the culturally creative from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. The association also carries out information and consciousness-raising activities in the fields of culture and development.
Cultural events with innovative productions in art, dance, theatre, film, literature and performances not only link the artists and creative people of different nations, they also contribute to the presentation of modern art by making current developments in Africa, Asia and Latin America accessible to a wider public. Exhibitions, readings and symposia are understood as part of an intercultural dialogue, enabling the voices and demands of artists of all kinds from the South to be clearly heard.

For Cultur Cooperation it is naturally also important to take part in political campaigns for the support of artists who are suffering persecution and to organise conferences on questions of social and political justice, creating a forum for discussions on the politics of culture in the context of international development cooperation activities.

A further area of activity is in the creation of international programmes for children and young people for intercultural education.

The Team: Anja Kuhr, Lena Blosat and Julia Brockmeier


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